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About Me

I've always been fascinated by trains, buses, cycles, and everything mobility. As a teenager, these modes of transport allowed me to discover cities and gave me the freedom to go wherever I wanted. Over the years, this has developed into a passion for using AI & tech to help cities move people in safer and more sustainable ways.

As an avid cyclist & public transport user, I often wondered why cities were choking with traffic, pollution and noise. How could we make the bus easier to use for everyone? Why are cycle lanes disconnected, poorly designed, or nonexistent? Shouldn't we redesign our streets to prioritise people, not vehicles?

These questions - and my excitement to answer them - has led me to work on various projects in the urban mobility space. From developing the official MyBMTC bus tracking app (downloaded by over 200k+ users), to building sustainable mobility infrastructure in collaboration with the Directorate of Urban Land Transport (DULT), I truly enjoy working to make our cities safer, healthier, and more liveable places.

In January 2022, I co-founded Urban Flow - a startup building AI-based products and tools to help cities achieve their sustainable mobility & development goals.


Live Bicycle Counter

"18-year-old develops India’s first AI, sensor-based bicycle counter"


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“Revamped MyBMTC app a hit among Bengaluru commuters”


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Co-author of paper published in the Journal of IISc


Grand Challenge

Urban Flow is selected for the Karnataka State Mobility Grand Challenge

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